How To Remove Windscreen Clips

Most people are familiar with the fact that windscreens are usually held in with industrial adhesive around the edges.  This needs to be cut to remove the windscreen, using an appropriate tool for safely and carefully cutting through the adhesive.  However, you may have started the process of removing your windscreen, only to discover small plastic clips around the sides of the glass.  This is because come car manufacturers also use windscreen clips.  These are usually made of plastic.  They lock the glass in place by gripping the side of the glass.  They are commonly used where there is a trim around the edge of the glass, so you may find them in older models of car or in models with a decorative trim.  What is the secret to windscreen clip removal?

If you need to remove windscreen clips, the important thing to note is that they need to be handled carefully.  If you simply pull or break them out, you are likely to break the clip.  The older the clip, the more likely it is that it has become brittle and will snap more easily.  This means that it cannot be used when you reinstall or replace the window.  By carefully removing the clip, you are more likely to be able to use it again.  With older models of car, this is important because the clips may be hard to source. 

The most important thing is to use the right type of windscreen clip removal tool.  This will be designed to gently move the clip forward, so that the lip becomes dislodged from the nub in the frame, and the clip can be gently lifted out.  Having the right tool will prevent needing to use too much force.  Acting roughly with the clips, or using the wrong tool, will likely damage the plastic.

Once the clip is released, lift it carefully from the side of the windscreen, being sure to not put pressure on the glass as you do so.  Put the clip to one side so that it is not lost or stood on.  You might find it helpful to group the clips according to which side it came from, in case the clips have slightly warped and are not easy to use in the opposite side.  Make sure that you have the correct tools before you lift out the windscreen, as breaking it will result in an expensive replacement.

If you have broken your clips during the process, we sell replacements for many common models of car.  We also supply the windscreen clip removal tools that you can use to carry out the job safely and quickly.

If you want specific help, our team at JT Handtools can provide you with a windscreen clip removal tutorial, as we have extensive experience in the car repair and parts industry.  For more information, including enquiries about any of our car parts of windscreen clip tool, contact our team today.  You can find the contact details on the website.  Alternatively, if you use the online enquiry form to write your question, a member of our team will be able to assist you.