Windscreen Wiper Removal Tool

Here at J.T. Handtools, we specialise in the manufacture and supply of products for the automotive glass industry in the UK and Europe. We stock an extensive collection of quality tools for a range of specialist and general applications. As part of our product range, we stock a selection of windscreen wiper removal tools for various car models.

Windscreen Wiper Removal

If your windscreen wipers are damaged or not working as they used to, you may need to remove and replace them. You will need a high-quality windscreen wiper arm removal tool to complete the job and the right type for your wipers. Whatever your requirements, we can offer industrial advice to find the best product for you. We work closely with our clients to supply the best range of removal tools that provide a professional finish to your project. With our expert advice and an extensive collection of products, we always ensure total customer satisfaction.

Removal Tools

Our collection of removal tools is available in a range of styles to suit your application, including universal Long, Short, and Standard arm pullers. For your Audi Q7, Porsche Cayenne, or Volkswagen Touareg, we can provide a specialist Wiper Arm Puller. We can provide a Heavy-Duty car windscreen wiper removal tool for your BMW that offers a robust application without the risk of damage. If you require a Rear Wiper Arm Puller, we have a solution for Peugeot, Citroen, and Volkswagen drivers. We can also provide a tool for the Rear Water Jet on your Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda, or Seat. All our tools carry a lifetime guarantee, and we ensure you always receive the latest industry practices. For shipping information, check our delivery details page.

Our Service

With over twenty-eight years of industry experience, at J.T. Handtools deliver the highest quality of tools and services to automotive glass companies. We continuously improve our selection of products and keep up with the latest manufacturing trends. We can supply your business with state-of-the-art equipment and industry practice. If you want to buy a windscreen wiper arm removal tool, our team will provide valuable professional insight to pair you with the best style for your application. We are your one-call solution for automotive fitting and handling products, so find our contact details below to discuss your needs with our team.

Contact Us

To find out more about the windscreen wiper arm puller and other products, please get in touch by completing our online form or emailing You can speak to a member of our team directly by calling 01142 449989, and we will be pleased to help you with your query. You can learn more about us and our services on our site.

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  1. Wiper Arm Puller - Long

    Wiper Arm Puller - Long

    £33.12 Incl. Tax: £27.60 Excl. Tax:

  2. Wiper Arm Puller - Short

    Wiper Arm Puller - Short

    £31.20 Incl. Tax: £26.00 Excl. Tax:

  3. Heavy Duty Wiper Arm Puller

    Heavy Duty Wiper Arm Puller

    £36.00 Incl. Tax: £30.00 Excl. Tax:

  4. Wiper Arm Puller - Rear

    Wiper Arm Puller - Rear

    £25.92 Incl. Tax: £21.60 Excl. Tax:

  5. Wiper Arm Puller

    Wiper Arm Puller

    £57.60 Incl. Tax: £48.00 Excl. Tax:

  6. Wiper Arm Puller

    Wiper Arm Puller

    £28.20 Incl. Tax: £23.50 Excl. Tax:

  7. Wiper Arm Puller - Rear Water Jet

    Wiper Arm Puller - Rear Water Jet

    £22.20 Incl. Tax: £18.50 Excl. Tax:

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